Divestment- the simple explanation – interviews on radio NZ


Pulling Funds out of Fossil Fuels. Listen to the full interview on Radio NZ.co.nz
Aired on Our Changing World, Thursday 23 April 2015
Veronika Meduna speaks with :
Matheson Russell- of The Anglican Church has large investments in property and shares.

Rick Zwaan University of Wellington Students’ Association president

Kennett brothers New Zealand’s leading publishers of cycling guide books

Veronika interviewed these three people about decisions to deliberately withdraw investment funds from oil, gas and coal companies .  Often these are reinvested in sustainable ethical portfolios. This is a move aimed to help accelerate a transition to renewable energy sources – The Guardian newspaper gained attention when it spearheaded the ‘Keep it in the ground’ campaign encouraging divestment

Matheson Russell says the Anglican Church views climate change as a social justice issue. “Every year at our regional assemblies, when we meet with our friends and colleagues in the Pacific Islands, they tell us about the effects of climate change they are already experiencing. Morally responsible organisations like churches need to take action swiftly and need to show moral leadership on these issues now.”

Rick Zwann shares what he sees as a “failure of world leaders to take action on climate change” motivated him to take action locally and to start campaigning for divestment at Victoria University, where he now studies geophysics, environmental science and politics.“It’s really heartening to see the university taking the lead on this. It was one of the moments when I was really proud of being a student at Victoria.” has moved out of fossil fuel investments.

Jonathan Kennett says the first discussions arose when they were considering sponsorship for cycling events. “Our business has formed to promote healthy and environmentally aware lifestyles, and cycling is the biggest part of that. ….
We have control over our own lives, and we have responsibilities for our own actions. … “

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