Join protest against US Sec of State visiting NZ this Tues 6 June- see Events page

Opportunities to speak to the US sec of state aren’t common. This is about justice for all. People across the globe are suffering and the highest emitter of greenhouse gases is not wiling to be part of the solution. The viability for Pacific islands to inhabit their homes, famine in Africa and the forecasted homelessness of 30 million in Pakistan are some of the effects we will see should we fail to act together. The Paris climate accord is a key vehicle to progress action.

Great for the NZ government to speak out on US climate change but we can do moreNZ’s Greenhouse Gas emissions have risen 5% since 2005, whilst OECD countries on  average dropped 6%.

ACTION in the High Court this month over NZ’s commitment .

Sarah Thomson (26yrs) will challenge Climate change minister Paula Bennett in the High Court on why the ministry is not acting with the urgency and ambition needed to protect citizens from financials cost and harm associated with climate change. Listen to her on Radio NZ (below) and follow the court’s debate 26-28 June

Sarah was 24 when she took this case. Fascinating what a NZ citizen can do if they believe strongly.…/government-being-sued-over-clima…

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