Roxborough – 40mm in 3 hours. These extreme events are what we can expect more of.

This past year has seen so many unprecedented weather events, which on their on may not be attributable to Climate change, but experts are confidently saying the scale and frequency signifies exactly the changes expected by a warming planet. Wetter in some areas, drier in others, and warmer seas providing greater moisture to fuel the storms and cyclones.

One attempt to quantify the costs of damages due to climate events was abandoned as the costs rose so high, but this is only more reason for the world’s citizen’s to work together to avert the acceleration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.  It isn’t rocket science to see the costs are huge: Damages to roads, infrastructure, private homes and in loss to businesses, power and water outages, insurance premiums, disease spread etc.

Lets show the future generations that we are willing to take this seriously. Lets not allow thoughts of the enormity of the issue to slow us down, nor our short-term personal aspirations distract us from necessary efforts. See other pages on this site ‘What can be done’ and ‘ Staying motivated ‘


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