About us

Keep a Cool World started as a group of 8-10 people who met in Raumati (on New Zealand’s Kāpiti  Coast) in 2013. We now include a number of people throughout Wellington who are active in addressing Climate change individually and collectively.

Watching the movie,  The Age of Stupid’, was the precipitant for our group to begin meeting. Various documentaries can open the mind to the situation in a powerful way – Age of Stupid is entertaining and easy to watch as well as spelling out the science of Climate Change. With the big-ness of climate change and the host of related issues, it seemed to us that any solution must be born from a collective approach.

Here’s what some of our members have been up to:

  • setting up beginnings of a shared garden
  • being part of Green Street project
  • sending on info via e-mail re the plight of bees, deep sea oil issues and other matters
  • installing photovoltaic panels
  • challenging local companies about unnecessary packaging and/or buying  ‘butcher only’ to avoid it
  • attending ‘350.org’ meetings as able and keeping informed about various projects and campaigns.
  • We showed the Thin Ice documentary and had a stimulating panel discussion cheered by Veronika Meduna mid 2014, attended by approximately 200 Kapiti Coast residents. Panel included Dr James Renwick – Vic uni School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences, Ashlee Gross – 350.org, Paul Young Generation Zero, Jake Roos – Kāpiti Coast District Council’s Climate Change & Energy Advisor,Liana Stupples – Communications specialist was.
  • We held similar events in Wellington September 2015 with a good attendance.
  • There is work afoot to shoot a short video to help mobilise people to take action on climate change.

We have also paid for the rights to have small group screenings for ‘The Age of Stupid’ and ‘The wisdom to Survive’ so if any of you wish to host one at home or a venue, e-mail ct.connexions@gmail.com .We are also happy to help with follow-up support if your group wants to get involved in projects/ action.

You can contact us via keepacoolworld@gmail.com

Oriental bay on a great day

Oriental bay on a great day

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