Responding to Climate Change – April 21st: A short film viewing, presentation and discussion. Hosted by A Rocha Aotearoa NZ (part of A Rocha world-wide, a group of Christian environmental conservation organizations).                                                       Sunday April 21st, 2-3 pm, Iona Centre St Aidans Anglican Church 89 Miramar Ave Miramar. Option to stay 3-4pm for chance to respond, and discuss possible action steps.Free Preferably RSVP to or just come along 0n the day

Christine (keepacoolworld) will share about maintaining hope in the face of such a complex issue. The film, ‘Changing the Tide’ is a Back-to-the-future style film set in Wellington: A collaboration between Keepacoolworld and ‘Film for Change’, it was nominated for two different environmental film awards in New Zealand and Australia


Be inspired: Come and hear Bill McKibbon on using local power to effect change. He worked with New York City to divest US$5billion from fossil fuel projects. The City also sued 5 major oil companies over their contribution to climate change. Recent news revealed ‘Shell’ knew of the climate effects fossil fuels were to cause 3 decades ago. New York city, like much of NZ are threatened by rising seas, but the chance to limit the effects is NOW. Lets pull together.


Protest face to face at Parliament 6 June with US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson. This Tuesday 6 June, Rex is landing in Wellington to meet with our Government.

Rex Tillerson is no warm-hearted man. Before he took the role of Secretary of State to do Trump’s bidding, he was the CEO of ExxonMobil — the company that despite knowing the truth about climate change since the 1960s waged a war of misinformation and denial that robbed humanity of a generation’s worth of time to reverse climate change.

With Donald Trump’s declaring he will withdraw the US from the Paris Climate Agreement, join hundreds of others to protest that this is a crime against our global future.

Where: outside Parliament on Tuesday 6 June.
When: We don’t know yet what time Tillerson is to be arriving in Wellington.
Please sign-up at link below to be notified of the time, and share this message around. Start making your placards now.…
On behalf of
Niamh & Aaron for the 350 Aotearoa team


‘Changing the Tide’ – Wellington’s ‘Back to the future’ short film (6 mins)
Join us for a screening the film, some fun behind the scene’s footage, and also have Aaron Packard speaking ‘hot off the press’ from the COP22 climate talks in Marrakesh. Aaron is delegation leader for 350 Aotearoa.
Generation Zero will also speak briefly about a proposed ‘ Climate Act’ … a system to provide legal teeth to climate targets.

Newtown Community Centre 7pm Tuesday 29 November, 2016.
Cnr Constable and Rintoul streets, Newtown, Wellington. Wheelchair friendly
RSVP to give us an idea of numbers or just show up

Lets get active before the news gets really BAD

Lets get active before the news gets really BAD


Wellington groups collaborated for….


Sunday afternoon 20th Sept .A selection of  groups active in sustainability and addressing climate change shared their work and helped us to think broadly about what is possible.

180 people came to Victoria uni 9th Sept. Panelists: Pala Molisa,  Phil Squire,  Catherine Leining,  Aaron Packard

Panel Vic uni - V foregrd photos Vic Pala - 10

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