Short Film- drama

‘Changing the tide’-Quirky ‘back to the future’ film.

Wellington’s ‘Back to the future’ short film (6 mins) Time travel to Wellington, 40 years from now.  Thanks to this great work from ‘Film for Change’. See  how one mother responds to her child’s challenging questions, and the common struggles families have with the Climate change issue.

Share with as many friends as you can.  Climate Change can’t be addressed by one or two, but requires a mass movement, and a response from not just head but heart.

Those who’ve watched it, have said it could be a good ‘conversation starter’ for schools.  Before creating a resource, we’d like viewers feedback . A small effort from you would be fantastic as it will encourage us to keep on at this job. Take 5 minutes to answer this  survey and support climate change awareness ?

The film has been invited to the environmental film festival mid May, 2017.   As part of preparing for that, I’m hoping to get responses to this 6 question survey (or 4 for children) preferably before 10 May  , but Still useful after 10 May. and if there’s anyone else you think of who may be happy to, please forward.

Introducing ‘Changing the Tide’ below (6 minute back to the future style film about climate change). Feedback on the film helps guide how it may be used as an educational tool.
1. View film
2. Go to the link below to start the survey.

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