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One very rigorous submission from Professor Bertram et al during emissions target consultations, claims that  “The correct strategic response to uncertainty is twofold: first, act decisively to reduce uncertainty wherever possible” read more here….

Carbon Zero Act – NZ needs Legislature to ensure it fulfils commitments. Sign below                NZ’s emissions have been rising by 5% since 2005, whilst OECD countries on average dropped by 6%.

 U.S. President Donald Trump announced he is withdrawing the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement. This is devastating news for the climate and all of us working to protect it, but the reactions from major powers around the world – as well as individual states within the U.S. – give us plenty of reason for hope.

Countries like China, France, the United Kingdom, Germany and Russia have all reaffirmed their commitment to this crucial climate agreement, while the states of Washington, California and New York have banded together to form the United States Climate Alliance in order to continue upholding the Paris Agreement within their borders. Despite Trump’s misguided decision, 194 countries remain united behind the Paris agreement, and are now emboldened to forge ahead towards the better future we know is possible.

More than ever, New Zealand needs to step up. We must stand united as a nation that values reason, fairness and our children’s futures. We must put our political differences aside, and work together to tackle this.

Our Zero Carbon Act is a framework to achieving this, and will see Aotearoa New Zealand on track to a safe, thriving, zero carbon future.

Since we launched in April, more than 4,300 people have signed our petition to the next Parliament to pass the Zero Carbon Act, and numbers are growing by the day. Will you be next? We need everyone on board to build a mandate for cross-party support.

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